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By nature, even after a decade, Gaby remains very passionate about reflexology and her commitment to her continued professional development. It gives her a great sense of fulfilment to be instrumental in making a difference to patients health and well-being. Gaby's focus is on healthcare, not disease care.


In the words of some of her patients:


Her passion shows through the way her treatments are carried out.

She provides the space for you to make your own connections, and she inspires you to want to know more.

I found Gaby's treatment life-changing; I can't thank her enough.

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"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art" - Leonardo Da Vinci

Gaby's Bio

Gaby Rockett IIR(Dip) UK, IARAMT(Dip) SA
Therapeutic Reflexologist - AHPCSA: A12069
Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Gaby graduated in 2012 from the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR) UK in the original Ingham Method® of foot reflexology.

Upon returning to South Africa, she studied Therapeutic Reflexology & Meridian Therapy at the International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy (IARAMT).

Gaby is a registered professional Therapeutic Reflexologist with the Allied Health Professions Council of SA (AHPCSA). This demonstrates Gaby complies with the strictest standards of reflexology practice, and that she is committed to continually developing her skills and knowledge, and that the scope of practice at Reflexology Body Balance is within the AHPCSA guidelines. A reflexologist does not diagnose, prescribe or treat a specific condition.


As a holistic healthcare practitioner, Gaby is trained in the use of the Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer 660. This sophisticated equipment does a full body function scan within minutes, and the electronic output analysis highlights hidden critical imbalances and sub-health issues within the body. With Gaby's caring nature and extensive knowledge of the human body, she is well equipped to interpret and make recommendations on how to improve and restore these imbalances.

Gaby administers non-invasive Rife treatments via the use of new generation applicators, which deliver the right frequencies for common and rare health conditions, bringing healing where it is needed as well as to the entire body.

Gaby is also an advanced Usui Reiki Practitioner since 2013. 


Post-graduate CPD training in the UK and SA includes:

International Institute of Reflexology
Allied Health Professions Council of SA
Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD)

The aim of RLD is to stimulate the lymphatic system through the feet to drain excess fluid from the damaged area. Several abstract research studies show it benefits cancer patients who experience secondary lymphoedema as a result of medical intervention after breast cancer. RLD is also very effective for primary lymphoedema and auto-immune diseases.

Gaby is one of only a few Approved RLD Practitioners in South Africa.


This is a specific technique applied to nerve runs on the feet and lower legs which is effective in turning on the body's healing system.

Gaby is the only Approved Neuroflexology© Practitioner in South Africa.

​Palliative Care Reflexology

Each treatment is tailored for each cancer patient, helping to alleviate pain, anxiety, cancer symptoms and side effects caused by conventional treatments. Treatments are also tailored for frail and sick patients.

Nerve Reflexology

Working the nerves that innervate the knee and hip joints facilitates immediate pain relief and muscle relaxation. The nerve response is an indicator of the status of the nerve. In order to deliver an effective and direct treatment, the nerves are tested to evaluate the patient at the beginning and end of each treatment.

Nerve Reflexology & Karl-Axel Lind Method: Metabolism

A precise, advanced technique focusing on six key therapeutic areas for the regulation of metabolic problems where the thyroid gland is the primary regulator. 

Auricular Therapy/Ear Reflexology

The aim of Auricular Therapy is to stimulate the micro-system representation of the body on the external ear for the purpose of assisting in the treatment of various health conditions. Stimulation of these specific reflex points is by manual pressure (Auricular Acupressure) and the application of magnetic seeds. This therapy helps relieve chronic pain, congestion and aids in detoxification to restore balance within.

Reflexology Body Balance Randburg is an approved reflexology lymphatic drainage practitioner
Reflexology Body Balance Randburg is an approved Neuroflexology practitioner
Reflexology Body Balance Randburg has more than 100 5 star Google reviews
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