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Therapeutic Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient treatment that focuses on the feet. It is completely safe for people of all ages including children and babies. Whether you have a chronic disease or are healthy, frail or disabled everyone can benefit from reflexology and treatments are tailored.

Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary therapy. It is an adjunct to standard medical care and should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.

Reflexology works the entire body through the feet and helps restore and maintain the natural balance between all body systems by reducing everyday stress and tension in the first instance.  Do you know at least 95% of disease may be related to stress?

IIR Reflexology foot chart

Reflexology Foot Map

The reflexology principle is that there are areas on the feet and hands which correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body.

Contrary to popular belief, reflexology is not a 'pamper' treatment and will not simply massage or tickle your feet, it is a specific technique using the thumb and fingers on reflex areas on the feet and hands.

Pregnancy and reflexology

Pregnancy & Infertility

During pregnancy, reflexology is recommended after the first trimester. Many mothers-to-be seek out reflexology from the second trimester in order to ease hip and lower back pain.

Trying to fall pregnant or going for fertility treatment can be very stressful and high cortisol levels make conceiving very difficult. Reflexology induces relaxation and will reduce stress levels. It will also improve blood supply and nerve impulses throughout and restore internal balance to all body systems.

Reflexology for menopause


The results of a blind randomised controlled study of 100 menopausal women has shown that "Reflexology is an effective non-hormonal approach for treatment of sleep disorder during the menopause" (Reference 31(2012)242–246).

Chinese meridian chart

At Reflexology Body Balance meridian therapy is incorporated  into a reflexology treatment as a tool to understand the disease pathway, and to increase the vital flow of Chi to restore patient health. A holistic approach is adopted to patient care.

Reflexology for menopause at Reflexology Body Balance Randburg

Benefits of Reflexology

  • Relieves stress and tension.

  • Promotes relaxation.

  • Improves circulation.

  • Releases endorphins which can provide pain relief.

  • Improves nerve impulses.

  • Releases toxins and impurities.

  • Works with the body to restore balance to all body systems.

Post operative care with Reflexology Body Balance Randburg

Post-Operative Care & Chemotherapy 

Reflexology improves blood supply and with over 7000 nerve endings in each foot it improves nerve impulses. It can speed up post-operative recovery as well as reduce pain.


Reflexology is of great benefit for patients undergoing chemotherapy by easing pain and helping reduce nausea.

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