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Rife Therapy

Heal Your Body

Rife therapy is a non-invasive, amazing therapy for restoring balance and health to the body. It is of great benefit to healthy people too.

The "Rife Machine" generates electromagnetic waves that specifically target the cells; these ultra-low frequencies are in the radio frequency wavelength range between 0 and 100,000 Hz.


Since everything in the universe possesses a frequency that is inherent to it, Scientists have concluded that low-Rife electromagnetic frequencies have no effect on healthy cells but these frequencies do harm tumours.

Rife frequencies are purposely in the range that are only harmful to cancer, pathogens such as parasites, viruses, and bacteria etc., and not healthy tissue or gut bacteria.


Rife therapy is not recommended during pregnancy.

Reflexology and Rife therapy combo treatments at Reflexology Body Balance Randburg
History of the Rife Machine

Royal Raymond Rife, an American scientist, is accredited with inventing the Rife machine in the 1930s. Rife's machines (also known as resonators) were constructed based on Dr. Albert Abrams's previous work. Abrams was of the opinion that each disease possesses its own unique electromagnetic frequency and, by delivering the correct electrical impulse (similar to the cell's own electromagnetic frequency), one can eradicate unhealthy or malignant cells.

The American Medical Association (AMA) took it upon themselves not to publish any papers that supported rife technology, which ended all research. In 1942, the United States Court of Appeals found the AMA guilty of stifling emerging medical advances in favour of the pharmaceutical industry.

In the 1980s, researchers started using the Rife machine again. It is believed that Barry Lynes book titled 'The Cancer Cure that Worked' was responsible for reviving interest in the Rife machine.

Rife therapy detox from heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides at Reflexology Body Balance Randburg
Quantum scan and Rife therapy combo session at Reflexology Body Balance Randburg
Rife Therapy Treatment

The aim of Rife therapy is for the pulse (frequency) to be delivered effectively using new-generation applicators to the desired area to improve organ function, stimulate detoxification, kill parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, speed up wound healing, reduce pain and inflammation.


​​Rife therapy treatments vary in length. Treatments can be standalone or a combination of reflexology and Rife therapy done simultaneously in 60 minutes. For chronic conditions longer treatments are an option. Please contact me directly via chat.


Starting Rife Therapy Protocol

This is the recommended way to kick-start your healing journey.

However, it remains the patient's prerogative whether to do the detox first.


After detoxification, the patient can commence other Rife treatments.


Day 1: Rife “long detoxification”

This is 4 hours 30 minutes in duration, and an initial time investment is necessary by the patient.

This involves detoxification from heavy metals, EMF, chemicals, and pesticides. lymphatic system detox, circulation stasis, liver, and kidney support.


Day 2: Rife "short detoxification"

This is 1 hour, 45 minutes in duration, and it needs to be done directly after day 1 detox to do a final sweep of toxins out of the body.

This involves liver, kidney, lymphatic system, and EMF detoxification. Liver, kidney, and lymphatic support.


To book a Rife “detoxification” treatment, contact me directly via web chat or the 'contact' page.


What to Expect on the Day

Please come well hydrated. Dress comfortably and avoid wearing anything metal.

You will have the privacy of your own treatment room while sitting or reclining in a comfortable, adjustable reclining therapy chair.

You remain fully clothed. The Rife detoxification treatment will be administered via an accelerator patch that is placed behind your back. Frequencies are not felt when using the accelerator patch.

Your hands are free to use your phone and laptop if you so desire.

Water will be provided, and toilet breaks are highly recommended.

You can expect to feel a sense of wellness and relaxation, skin sensitivity, headache and fatigue.

Follow-up Rife treatments are administered using wristbands, electro pads, accelerator patch, or a combination of these, depending on the treatment selected.


Booking Detox & Follow-ups

All Rife detoxification treatments are booked directly with me and are not available for booking online.

It remains the patient's prerogative whether to do the detox first.

Treatment options will be discussed with you before booking an appointment and during the consultation.

Follow-up Rife treatments can commence anytime after detox is complete.


Based on the information provided during the consultation, specific treatment choices can be made.

Follow-up Rife treatments can be done simultaneously with reflexology.

Follow-up Rife treatments are booked online only.

New-Generation Applicators


Rife therapy wrist applicator at Reflexology Body Balance Randburg

The wristbands stretch comfortably over the hands and fit tightly around the wrist, freeing up the hands so the you can use your phone or laptop while receiving the treatment.

Tingling or pulsing sensations can be felt through the wristbands, and the intensity can be adjusted according to each patient's tolerance.

Electro Pads

Rife therapy electro pad applicator at Reflexology Body Balance Randburg

The electro pads are similar to the body pads used by TENS massage machines.

These pads bring frequency waves directly to the affected area.

Electro pads can be used in conjunction with the wristbands, bringing frequencies to the upper and lower parts of the body simultaneously.


Tingling or pulsing sensations can be felt through the wristbands, and the intensity can be adjusted according to each patient's tolerance.

Accelorator Patch

Rife therapy accelerator patch at Reflexology Body Balance RandburgReflexology Body Balance Randburg

The patch is a Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) accelerator. It effectively amplifies the EMF and is good for the knees, soles of the feet, stomach, and lower back.

The frequencies are not felt by the patient when the accelerator patch is used.

The patch is recommended for babies, children, the frail and even animals.


Worldwide reputable institutes invested heavily in the research of the effect of waves on pathogens, organs and the brain but no clinical trials have been conducted due to the cost involved.

It remains your prerogative to decide to use the Rife machine since the benefit is similar to the TENS massage machine. 

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