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What is Reflexology?

What is Reflexology?

Celebrities who have benefited from Reflexology

Did you know that World Heavyweight Champion Muhammed Ali used reflexology as his pre-fight ritual before his fight with Ken Norton at the Yankee Stadium in 1976?

PGA Tour Pros like Jack Nicklaus, John Daly and Phil Mickelson have also turned to reflexology.

23 Grand Slam winner: Serena Williams is said to use reflexology for relaxation.

UK Television presenter: Holly Willoughby said "I had reflexology throughout both my pregnancies, it made me less sluggish and more relaxed." - Source DailyMail - Dec 23, 2021

Welsh actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones said "I am a big, big, big reflexology person. Reflexology is more beneficial than a full-body massage for me." - Source NewBeauty - Mar 26, 2021

Sources say the late Princess Diana attended reflexology sessions three times a week.

Victoria Beckham and Harper Beckham have also had reflexology.

Muhammed Ali benefited from reflexology before a fight
You can work the chakras while giving a reflexology treatment

Why choose Reflexology?

Reflexology works well alongside standard medical care and it is highly effective at reducing everyday stress and tension. This is extremely important, here's why

Stress is the root cause of 75% of modern day diseases.

"If you're feeling out of kilter,

don't know why or what about,

let your feet reveal the answer,

find the sore spot, work it out"


Eunice Ingham

(Mother of Reflexology)

Reflexology Balances the Mind, Body & Soul

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