Meridian Therapy

Restoring Vital Free Flowing Chi

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Meridians are pathways along which vital Chi (life force energy) flows, linking organs and the body with acupressure points along the way. The Chi should flow freely through organs to maintain good health. These same meridians are used by acupuncturists to unblock stuck energy along these pathways. Each meridian has its own pathway through the body, and they are connected to each other, unifying all parts of the body and are vital to achieve homeostasis.


The aim of acupuncture and reflexology is to balance Chi within the body in order to facilitate the body’s healing potential and prevent disease.

A highly effective treatment protocol implemented at Reflexology Body Balance is to incorporate meridian therapy as part of a reflexology treatment.

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I use this as a tool to understand the disease pathways and to increase the flow of Chi to restore patient health while still adopting a holistic approach to patient care.