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The Benefits of Reflexology

A therapeutic reflexology treatment involves working the entire body through the reflex areas on the feet. The benefits are relaxation, improved blood suppl, improved nerve impulses throughout the body and aids the body in achieving homeostasis (internal balance).

The body heals according to Hering’s Law of Cure occurring from the head down, from the inside of the body out, the most important organs first and in the reverse order of symptoms as they manifested.

So, what are these stages of healing…

The benefits of reflexology
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An improvement in the patient’s mind and mental health affects the whole as the central nervous system governs the entire body. Our thoughts become our reality and influence every cell in the body in a positive or negative way.

Elimination of toxins may bring about symptoms such as changes in bowel movements, excessive mucous production, frequent urination and excessive sweating which are the elimination pathways of the body. These symptoms may occur the day of the therapeutic reflexology treatment and may last for a couple of days.

Disease that affects the most important functioning organs are a threat to the body’s vital life force. As the body begins to heal important organs other symptoms in less important organs may manifest. For example, a patient with a liver condition may experience skin conditions and itching as the liver lets go of toxins.

When old symptoms resurface many patients believe the condition has returned. In fact, the body’s vitality has become stronger resulting in the first symptom of a suppressed disease resurfacing as healing takes place.

With all the above in mind it is important to be clear in setting a patient’s expectations in that achieving the above healing cycle will take several treatments especially in patients with chronic disease. With each treatment there is an acceleration of circulation of blood which increases the patient’s vitality.

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