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Things You Should Never Do After A Reflexology Treatment

Reframing the way you see your day after a Reflexology treatment is almost as important as the treatment itself and, it will have a positive impact on the rest of your day as the body reaps the benefits of Reflexology.

You may not feel the physical effects of improved blood supply and nerve impulses taking place throughout the body or, the body working to bring about balance to all body systems. However, the feeling of deep relaxation you will most definitely notice!

These are the things you shouldn’t do…

Checking your phone for work emails, Instagram and Facebook posts will snap you out of the relaxed state you’re in. Try giving yourself time to soak up the deep state of relaxation and easing yourself back into your day instead of rushing back to the daily routine.

Stop beating yourself up mentally about taking time out for yourself from family and friends. Don’t feel guilty about the time taken for health benefits!

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