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Why shouldn't you ignore pain?

Did you know every ache and pain you feel is your body’s outcry for help?

With every symptom you have (headaches, constipation, restless legs, burning feet, etc.) your body is telling you it is out of balance. The more frequent the symptoms and the more painful, the more urgent the need for you to take action.

Nothing in the body works in isolation. This is why reflexology is so effective. A reflexology treatment stimulates the 7000 plus nerve endings in each foot; it stimulates all the reflex areas on the feet that correspond to organs and glands in the body. The body’s ultimate goal is to achieve homeostasis.

Don’t ignore your symptoms until they become debilitating. Popping painkillers is not addressing the root cause of the symptom. Address the cause of symptom before other symptoms manifest and disease sets in.


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