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Sciatica and how Reflexology can help...

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

The sciatic nerves are two of the longest nerves in the body. The nerves start at the spinal cord in the lumbar region and pass through the hip descending the back of the thighs to the lower legs. There are also sciatic nerves and sciatic band/reflex areas on the heels of the feet.

During a foot reflexology session, the Reflexologist can feel congestion in the form of crystals which have formed along the lumbar spine region, sometimes the shoulder region and the sciatic band/reflex area on the heel. Congestion causes inflammation with severe, debilitating pain in the form of numbness, weakness, pins and needles or tingling in the lower back, buttocks, legs and/or feet.

At Reflexology Body Balance our reflexology protocol for sciatica will improve blood circulation throughout the body which will help with peripheral neuropathy. From our experience it will provide pain relief as well as relax the muscles of the foot and release the pinched sciatic nerve in the foot. We recommend reflexology treatments at short intervals to improve the quality of life of our patients within a short period of time. With our holistic approach to patient management we educate our patient on the condition, we offer advice and self-help techniques which they can implement between treatments.

The cause of sciatica is as a result of some misplacement along the lumbar spine region. An enlarged prostate gland, which is common in older men, is also considered a cause of sciatica. If sciatica is not treated the patient may experience nerve damage.

Disclaimer: We will never suggest thata patient take themself off any prescribed medication or treatment. Always consult your doctor first.

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